Best of the North

First off, thanks so much for everyone’s support as we opened the Downtown location!  These past few months have been a whirlwind.  As with the Main St location, we are working hard to win your trust and want you to enjoy the atmosphere, food, and drink every time you come in.  We are constantly training and trying to make ourselves a better business every day.

Second, we have been nominated as a finalist for Cincy Magazine’s ‘Best of the North’ competition.  Since this was voted on, thanks so much for your support and for thinking of us!  We feel that we represent all of you as we go to the event October 3rd (check out the site for details:  Please consider coming out and supporting us some more (as well as getting lots of food and drinks from the finalists). Aes always, we feel honored to get any recognition.  We hope we do Hamilton proud!